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Torrent Lovers REJOICE! Maxxo lets you download anonymously and FREE!

If You are like me, you love to download torrent files, but there was always that looming risk involved. Who’s watching what I download? Will I get a Copyright infringement letter from my ISP? Etc. Etc.  Well fear not!  A new service called Maxxo has come to the rescue.

(TorrentFreak) Maxxo is a relatively young cloud hosting and synchronization service and one that’s not afraid to launch a disruptive feature. Starting this week the company officially adds support for BitTorrent downloads, allowing users to download torrent files quickly and anonymously. When BitTorrent downloads are completed the files automatically sync to all connected devices.

With dozens of million of users Dropbox is the leading cloud hosting and synchronization service.

The convenience of dropping files into a folder to automatically sync them online and with other devices appeals to a large audience, but some want even more features.

Earlier this year many BitTorrent users got excited by the launch of a new Dropbox app that enabled the downloading of torrents directly to Dropbox folders. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm quickly faded when Dropbox banned the app over piracy concerns.

According to Dropbox the app’s features “could be perceived as encouraging users to violate copyright using Dropbox.”

Luckily, there are also companies who see BitTorrent for the neutral technology that it is. The relatively new Dropbox competitor Maxxo is a good example, underlined by their launch this week of BitTorrent support as a native feature.

This means that besides backing up and syncing files across devices, Maxxo also enables users to download torrents. Users can simply drop a .torrent file into the Maxxo interface and right-click to start the download.

“By using BitTorrent through Maxxo our users can download files fast and completely anonymously,” Maxxo CEO Luka Hovat told TorrentFreak. “It’s a feature that none of our competitors have.”

Because all torrent downloads go directly though Maxxo’s servers, users don’t have to worry about being watched by third parties.

Maxxo downloads torrents


Maxxo offers free accounts which are limited to five gigabytes of storage and a maximum of two simultaneous BitTorrent transfers. Paid users can download 10 torrent files at a time and have higher storage and transfer limits.

For the occasional BitTorrent user Maxxo is a pretty suitable remote download service, or a “seedbox” with automatic sync across multiple computers. TorrentFreak briefly tested the service and aside from the occasional hiccup, most of the torrent files we tried downloaded just fine.

Maxxo is currently Windows only but they are working on a Mac application, as well as support for mobile devices. BitTorrent support aside, it also allows users to create lists of friends to easily share files with.

Demonoid suffers DDoS attack

Demonoid hit by DDoS attack

My favorite website, Demonoid, had been under attack for the past few days.

(via ZDNet) Demonoid has been hit by a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, bringing down the famous BitTorrent tracker to its knees. The torrent website has been inaccessible to its millions of users for more than a day and is expected to remain offline for quite some time.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Demonoid is currently serving up the following error message:

Server too busy

The action you requested could not be completed because the server is too busy.

Please try again in a few minutes

Do not click reload – Use the following links
Clicking reload will get you this page again

Click here to return to the homepage or Click here to go back

I said this attack was “massive” because it has resulted in a series of problems that may take a while to address. Over the years, Demonoid has been down many times, sometimes disappearing for months.

“It started as a DDoS but then it caused a series of problems,” Demonoid’s admin told TorrentFreak. “These problems need to be fixed before the site can go back up, and it’s a complicated fix this time. There might have been an attack from another angle, an exploit of sorts, but it’s hard to tell right now without a full check of everything. Our human resources became limited in the last few months. All tech issues are handled just by me now and there is no one else to take the job. I’ll fix the site as soon as possible, but it might be a while this time.”

It’s currently unclear whether or not the attack against Demonoid was anti-piracy related. Either way, Demonoid’s users have to find an alternative for their downloading needs while they wait for its return. (By Emil Protalinski )

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Holy Cut and Paste Batman! – Sweden Recognizes File Sharing Religion Kopimism (video)

The Misssionary Church of Kopimism, has now been officially recognized by Sweden as a religion.  If You can copy and paste, you can be a member.  File sharing is also another tenet of this new and technology based religion.

as described in Wikipedia……..

The Missionary Church of Kopimism, founded by 19-year-old philosophy student Isak GersonT,[1] is a congregation of file sharers who claim that copying information is a sacred virtue.[2][3][4] The Church, based in Sweden, has been officially recognized by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (“kammarkollegiet”) as a religious community, after three application attempts.[1][5]

The followers of the religion are called Kopimists from copy me. According to the church, “In our belief, communication is sacred.”[2] No belief in gods or supernatural phenomena is mentioned on their web site. CTRL+C and CTRL+V, familiar to those with rudimentary computing skills as the shortcut keys for “Copy” and “Paste,” are considered sacred symbols.

January 5, 2012, Kopimism was accepted by Sweden as a legitimate religion. The religion’s association with illegal file sharing has been said to not be a sign that file sharing that steps beyond legal borders will be excused from Sweden’s zero-tolerance approach to the matter.

(Vidya Daan), a concept in Daan, is a tenet of all Dharmic Religions that also values the sharing of information[citation needed]. In Christianity, it is also known as the Gift of Knowledge.

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