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50 Years Later, Astronaut John Glenn Recounts His Historic Mission in Space

Fifty years ago, NASA astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth, despite numerous glitches. Judy Woodruff and Glenn discuss how the historic mission changed the space race.

Anti-ACTA Day: Thousands protest across Europe

The world has witnessed an unprecedented day of protests against ACTA. Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in dozens of cities around the globe to protect what is left of the freedom of expression on the internet.

Treasure Hunters hit it big! – US Sea Explorer finds Soviet platinum

An American sea explorer has found the remains of a World War II merchant ship along with a cargo of platinum bars worth an estimated $3 billion. The precious metals are thought to have belonged to the USSR and the UK, who were going to use them to pay back the US for aid. If this is correct, it is the world’s most valuable find of its kind.


Is There Enough Anti-ACTA Momentum?

Last time we talked about the international copyright and counterfeiting treaty called ACTA that was signed by the US and caused people in Poland to take to the streets to protest. We asked if you thought there’s enough opposition to get Congress to weigh in on it here at home. Take a look. Now, we spoke about the connection between outsourcing and the US education system. What, if anything, do you think we should be doing to stop the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries?


A Self-guiding Bullet Able to Hit Targets More Than a Mile Away!

Two researchers at Sandia National Labs have invented a self-guided bullet capable of hitting a target from more than a mile away. The four inch bullet contains an optical sensor that can detect a laser beam on target.


ACTA Anger: Poland signs up to ‘censorship’ without debate

Key websites are being hijacked, on a day that thousands of internet freedom supporters marched outside in a major two-pronged protest. It’s because the country’s just signed up to a global web piracy pact, covering everything from movies and music to fashion and pharmaceuticals. But its net stretches wide. One of the key problems seen with ACTA is that it’s completely bypassed people and their governments.

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