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When will this end? – Christmas Tragedy in Dallas/Ft Worth 7 dead in Murder/Suicide

Seven people believed to be related had opened their Christmas gifts and started cleaning up the wrapping paper when they were shot to death in a Dallas-area apartment, police said Sunday.

Google Drops Rap Music Video Just in time for Christmas

To help St. Nick with his big flight this year, a few Googlers created this holiday search tips rap video. Song written and produced by, and video starring, all Google employees.

Search tips:


Yo, I run a few searches before the big flight,
To save me more time on this magical night.
I type [sunrise and city] of my last stop,
I got plenty of time before my last drop.

If I don’t know the time in a certain city,
I peep it on search before my chimney shimmy.
Tyle [time and town] before I come into town,
To see if Johnny’s in bed before I hit ground.

Go Santa, Santa work it!
Go Santa, Santa search it!

But before I go flying through the frosty air,
I do a weather search to decide what to wear.
Mrs. Clause, should I bring my extra warm down jacket?
[Mrs. Clause]: Hmmm, yes. You should definitely pack it.
And please pack these cookies that I baked for you.
Shhhhh! I researched the recipe with recipe view,
And used the low cal filter, I must admit:
I wanna make sure that jacket still fits!

Go Santa, Santa work it!
Go Santa, Santa search it!

Check one, check two: yes I check twice.
Santa’s Google Doc called ‘Naughty and nice.’
With control+F, I find a name in the doc n’,
I hope I don’t have to put coal in a stockin’

When I’m cruising in my sleigh with my hands on the reigns,
Voice input is handy, ’cause typing is a pain.
If on a wish list I spot a gift I never heard: schlittschuhe,
I use the translate app to speak the foreign word.

Go Santa, Santa work it!
Go Santa, Santa search it!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho.

Go Santa, Santa work it!
Go Santa, Santa search it!

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Yeah!

Lyrics by Matt Kane, Google Content and User Education Specialist and hip hop enthusiast
Music by Ranidu, Google Business Systems Integrator and musician:
Video produced with the help of our friends at Seedwell:

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Scrooge of The Year: Your Gas Tank – Drivers Pay Highest Ever Christmas Gas Prices

A new report says the 2011 end-of-year holiday season will force drivers to pay the highest ever Christmas gas prices, just as 84 million Americans take to the roads for the holiday.

Kids:”I always feel like somebody’s watching me! – Consumers go wild for the creepy “Elf on the Shelf” (w/video)

A doll and accompanying book called The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition is rapidly becoming a seasonal favorite among American families. The rub goes: moms and dads shell out US$30 for the package, and hide the infant-sized elf in a different part of the house each day between Thanksgiving and Christmas for their children to find. The elf keeps careful watch over the little ones throughout the season, supposedly reporting any naughty behavior directly to Santa Claus.

The Elf on the Shelf is the brainchild of Carol Aebersold and her two daughters, who self-published the book locally in Kennesaw, Georgia in 2005 under the label, Creatively Classic Activities and Books. Word slowly spread, and by December 2009, it reached the top spot on Barnes and Noble‘s online bestseller list. It was reported last year that Aebersold and company had sold about 1.5 million Elf on the Shelf units in total.

But some are skeptical of the message The Elf on the Shelf presents to children. Kids might be less likely to “be good for goodness sake” and more apt to behave solely for the purpose of scoring presents under the tree. Not to mention the product’s jingle, “The Elf on the Shelf is watching you, each and every Christmas”, might be a little too Orwellian for some parent’s comfort.

Still, there are likely to be many elves on shelves this Christmas season, whether you think they’re encouraging, cute, or just plain creepy.

Rick Perry’s newest Campaign ad is setting records on Youtube… more than 350k dislikes and counting

Media savvy Rick Perry is soaring to new heights. His newest campaign video entitled “Strong” has gone viral in a new and unprecedented way…. It has garnered more than 368,900 DISLIKES or as YouTube puts it “Thumbs Down” 3 cheers for Rick Perry!!!  I Just wonder when his campaign will hear the “Big Pop” and end all the lunacy of running for president. Internet Political Commentator “TJ – The Amazing Atheist” breaks down the Top 10 reasons why he thinks Rick Perry is still relevant. (Strong Language Warning, but it’s all in good fun!)

GO DISLIKE RICK PERRY NOW!!! (Below is Rick Perry’s ad “Strong”)

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