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Who’s tracking YOU? “Collusion” lets you see exactly who in real time!

Collusion for Chrome is a browser extension that maps out where your info gets sent around as you browse. It aims to help you understand how, where and when these connections happen.


Tired of being “Rickrolled”? Here’s how to stop it!

Ok so maybe I’m getting old! I actually had to look up the definition of “Rickrolled”, but it was worth my time and effort just for the laugh I got from the definition which is as follows:

To post a misleading link with a subject that promises to be exciting or interesting, e.g. “World of Starcraft in-game footage!” or “Paris Hilton blows Busta Rhymes‘ dick” but actually turns out to be the video for Rick Astley’s debut single, “Never Gonna Give You Up” – Urban Dictionary

Wish you could see what that YouTube video is about, before you click on that link? On today’s Tekzilla Daily, Veronica has a Greasemonkey script that converts URLs to the real title so you never get Rickrolled again.

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