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Yes Virginia, Apple’s really do get viruses! Apple Hit by Botnet Trojan, Proves Mac is Vulnerable

Apple computer users have often felt their operating system was less vulnerable to attack than the average PC and for years they were right. However a new virus called Flashback may be proving that Apple, the Mercedes of the computer world, can be just as vulnerable to botnets and trojans as the rest of the computer world. So download the patches Apple made last week, download some anti-virus software and prepare for invasion.

Registered Sex Offenders Banished from Online Gaming Sites

Video game companies like Sony’s PlayStation Network, Microsoft’s xbox live, Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers, Apple, Blizzard Entertainment and Disney Interactive Media Group, have decided to shut down the accounts of registered sex offenders in the state of New York, to prevent unsuspecting children from having contact with these offenders. New York is the first state to ban sex offenders from online gaming sites.

Apple launches latest iPad with Retina Display

Apple‘s Philip Schiller unveils the company’s newest iPad. The device offers a higher-resolution Retina Display and better camera. The pricing starts at $499 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model and 4G starting at $629.


Prizefight – Asus Transformer Prime vs. Apple iPad 2

It’s a battle between the two hottest tablets on the market with the Asus Transformer Prime and Apple’s iPad 2. Will the best Android tablet on the market finally have what it takes to be named king of the Prizefight ring?


Facebook and Apple race to $1 trillion?

Breakingviews editors discuss the social network‘s and iPod maker’s respective valuation trajectories.

Belkin lets you play God with home gadgets

Belkin‘s  plug-and-play technology can turn any house into a connected home.

Kanye West unveils his new design company DONDA on Twitter

Kanye West made more than 70 posts on Twitter in a three hour period Wednesday night, announcing his new design company named for his late mother, DONDA.

In characteristically bombastic fashion, the 34-year-old rapper outlined plans to continue the work of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, charging himself with a lofty goal: “aesthetically improve everything we see, hear, touch, taste and feel.” His 22-division endeavor will employ a wide range of experts, from artists and tech gurus to nutritionists. Though outside of clothing, in which Kanye has previously dabbled, it is currently unclear just what DONDA will design.

Short on details but big on dreams, Kanye made clear his desire to design the “MTV awards” and even work with scientists and governments to fix prison and education systems, which he described as “broken.” In perhaps his most inspired tweets, Kanye spoke of creating new school curriculums that will give students real world skills, though some teachers might not approve of letting students use iPhones and search engines to help complete their work.

Of course, there were also some classic Kanye moments, like when he announced he’d like to be the creative director on a new movie adaptation of the cartoon series The Jetsons. He also alluded to a presumed movie project releasing this year he calls “2016 Olympic‘s,” which may or may not be related to the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. Knowing Kanye, he’ll probably be tweeting more to clarify.

Think Different – The Apple Archives Document Company History

The Apple Archives, located on the campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California documents the company’s history and growth.

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