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The WikiLeaks Tribunal – Bradley Manning’s Defense Strategy on Display as Prosecutors Rest Case in Pre-Trial Hearing

The pretrial military hearing for accused Army whistleblower Private Bradley Manning has entered its sixth day. Prosecutors have finished laying out their case, and today the defense witnesses are expected to testify. Manning has been imprisoned for the past 19 months for allegedly leaking classified videos and diplomatic U.S. cables to the website WikiLeaks. On Monday, military prosecutors claimed they had discovered what they believe is email correspondence between Manning and WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. If convicted, Manning could face life in prison, possibly death. Democracy Now! hears an update from Ed Pilkington, a correspondent for The Guardian, which has been blogging about the hearing since it began last Friday. “[The defense is] claiming … that Manning has not been given the right to a fair pre-trial hearing because we think they are only likely being allowed to call three witnesses. Now that’s in addition to 10 witnesses they shared with the prosecution. But it’s still a tiny number compared with a total of 48 that Manning’s lawyer … asked for,” Pilkington says. “If, by contrast, the defense is only allowed to call three of its own witnesses, that looks pretty unequal to me.”

Troops Celebrate Thanksgiving Early

US soldiers at Camp Victory in Iraq celebrated the traditional American holiday of Thanksgiving on Sunday. The traditional Thanksgiving lunch was served four days early because the camp was being closed in preparation for the troops’ departure from Iraq.

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