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The Newscorp Dominoes Tumble: More arrests in UK media corruption investigation

Pressure is mounting on Rupert Murdoch’s media empire after the arrests of eight people over alleged corruption. It is reported those detained include five journalists from the Sun newspaper, a policeman, a defence ministry official and a serving member of the armed forces. The arrests are part of an investigation into illegal payments allegedly made to officials for information. Last month, police arrested four current and former Sun staff, and another policeman.

My Internet Smells Funny! – Smell Your Social Life with Olly

Meet Olly, the web-connected, smelly robot. He, and it is a “he,” takes your @mentions, status updates and more and turns them into the smell of your choice. Created by a London-based designer, Olly is still a Kickstarter project with a $35,00 goal.

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