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SOPA/PIPA The Day After The Protest – Feds retaliate shutdown and arrest MEGAUPLOAD, but Anonymous strikes back with a vengeance!

Just hours after the SOPA/PIPA protest successfully shelved that crazy internet breaking legislation, the Feds have retaliated by shutting down the file sharing site Megaupload. Megaupload, a massive file sharing site with a reported 50 million daily users. Four people linked to Megaupload were arrested in New Zealand and an international crackdown led agents to serving at least 20 search warrants across the globe. Within a few hours of the news, the websites of the U.S. Justice Department , Universal Music,  Recording Industry Association of America (the U.S. music industry),  Federal Bureau of U.S. copyright ,Motion Picture Association of America and (the web of the law fighting against discharges in Europe) were down. In the largest attack by the hacktivist group Anonymous to date.

Anonymous has claimed responsibility for these attacks , the largest in its history as the movement itself, against these sites, which may increase in the coming hours, and already are putting new targets and promised a long night.

Anonymous said on his Twitter:

 “We are 99%

 We are Anonymous –

You should have expected

# Megaupload “

Social networks, stunned

When the news broke on Twitter, where the issue has become trending topicworldwide in minutes, there was widespread astonishment and disbelief. Nooooooooo way!

Closed Megaupload?

Yes, is closed … and to begin to understand the world in 2012 …”Also displayed were the thousands who were signed up for the Megaupload service.

“They have closed megaupload.  The Mayans predicted the end of the world and  yes, the closure of Megaupload is a clear sign of the end of the world as announced by the Maya…  at least to some. But actually, it is a signpost of something even more sinister….  the end of freedom.

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