The Mis-Adventures in Technology of an Old Dog Learning New Tricks…

Gadget Nibble

Fruit salad anyone? A bit of a shake up. Notice something a little different? No – no new iPhone. No new iPad (yet). No new Mac. Wait – what’s that, look yonder. A woman…

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 19.34.10

Burberry Chief Executive Officer Angela Ahrendts will be heading up Retail at Apple, starting next Spring. Adding a feminine touch to the all male lineup of Apple executives.

Ahrendts will take the reigns at Apple – leading the Retail team in efforts to collaborate Apple’s worldwide chain of stores – a position that has been vacant for a year. Apple retail team have been without an executive for a year and since, their competitors have caught up with Apple in pushing their products in everyones faces. Angela Ahrendts was highly successful at Burberry and will likely be able to add more of here winning touches to Apple’s upcoming products, maybe even an iWatch?

But most importantly she’s a 

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