The Mis-Adventures in Technology of an Old Dog Learning New Tricks…

As you may realize by now, I am a fan of all things in the technology field.  I read daily, spending a few hours a day on the internet.  It’s hard to figure at what point the internet became so important to our daily lives.  Being a veteran of AOL (America Online) and the rise and fall of that online service.  I became quite amused when recently my new favorite online service, Facebook, entered into a partnership with…(drum-roll  please) America Online.  This partnership has greatly increased the capabilities of Facebook, and it’s Chat functionality. ( To read more about this partnership goto this link )

With this new added functionality to Facebook/AOL Chat, Facebook and AOL has successfully roped me further in to domain.  I use Facebook for almost everything, posting music, micro blogs, chatting with friends, even for political commentary.   But Facebook, for all it’s good points, has something that the old AOL did not, a steady and unrelenting stream of viruses and malware.  It seems because of the very nature of the site, that it leaves it’s users at risk  to attack from those who have nothing better to do but prey on people who’s sole goal is to chat with old friends and perhaps meet new ones.  Maybe in time this Achilles heel will be addressed, but only time will tell.


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