The Mis-Adventures in Technology of an Old Dog Learning New Tricks…

After Years of Hype and speculation, Steve Jobs of Apple computer fame introduce a product that even he had a hard time selling to the audience…..Apple’s Tablet Computer,  The iPad.   Not only did it not live up to expectations, but actually was a disappointment for those of us who have been long time Apple Fans.   Why present a product with such lame capabilities when your competitors have already shown they have superior products in the realm of  Tablet Computing, in fact, Hewlett Packard already has an iPad kiler which they displayed at the latest CES showcase.

Apple…….You can, and should do better……don’t get lazy at this point in the game thinking we’ll just buy anything with an Apple logo on it.

We hung our stocking up for Christmas in hopes of getting a new and fantastic Apple product, but what we got instead, was just another lump of coal!


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