The Mis-Adventures in Technology of an Old Dog Learning New Tricks…

Well since The Dallas Cowboys won their playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles……  All has been good in the world.  I actually had no desire to watch football today, so I figured I would tinker with the computer a bit.  Earlier in the week I had come across a download on the Internet with about 50 “Old School”  DOS games. ( I wonder if anyone even remembers DOS?)  Anyway…  Seeing many of my favorites among the list, I quickly clicked the link to download the entire lot.  The file has sat on my computer all week without action….that is, until today.  Using a little utility called “DOS Box”,  I was able to relive those bygone years of early PC computing.  My neighbor and her 7 year old son had come over to visit, and watched as I opened up the RAR files to extract the games.   The first game I installed was a fighting game called One Must Fall 2097.  I loved this game, and used to play it for hours at a time on my first Pentium computer that was built by a Fort Worth Texas company which is now defunct called “AST”. Back then, I had downloaded the game from Sports Talk BBS, a Bulletin Board Service a friend of mine ran from his home before the Internet had become popular.  I installed the game in “DOS Box” and Bragged to my neighbor and her son how good I was at playing this game.  As I  adjusted the setting for the sound card…..  The Games MIDI music sprang to life, and I chose the character that I wanted to fight as…. remembering that I was very good at playing this game.  The match began and the Computer’s AI controlled character quickly danced around and slammed my character from wall to wall on the screen before killing me and ending the match…..taking all of 3.5 seconds of the match to do this…..  My neighbor just smiled, but her little 7 year old son was laughing his ass off, and as I looked at him he said….”What The Fuck was That Mr.E?  You just got your ass kicked!”   That had to be the worst feeling of my life hearing a 7 year old kid say that to a 43 year old man…..especially after I had just bragged on how great I was at playing the game…..  And I actually never even considered, that this wonderful game had just experienced an upgrade, when I installed it on my new computer……  Remember, the game was designed for a Pentium computer  with a Pentium processor running at about 66 Mhz…..needless to say,  the computer I had just installed it on…..has a Pentium 4 processor running at 3Ghz……  My first “ID 10 T”  error of the year, and it’s just the 10th of January….. I guess that some things in life  are better left a memory….


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