The Mis-Adventures in Technology of an Old Dog Learning New Tricks…

Well, I thought I would start this out slowly, but thanks to FaceBook (The Gift That Keeps on Giving),  It was easy to determine what my first post should be.  While I was setting up this blog, it had gotten late.  Then at EXACTLY 12 midnight on Friday night,  FaceBook decides to log me off to do site maintenance.  As you can imagine, a very loud primal scream was emitted from my mouth, so loud  I could hear the dogs barking outside  in response.  I was in the middle of a chat with my friend, and I can only imagine what she thought, so I quickly reached for my cell phone that I had put on silent just a few hours before, only to find that I had misplaced my cell phone.  So here is my idiot ass calling a cell phone that is on silent, trying to find it….You get the picture.  And as I write this post….I have yet to find that phone….UGH!


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